Admin Report April 3rd

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Admin Report April 3rd 

New Information Items:

Yoga for all students!

We have had many parent requests to look into bringing yoga to Lynnmour, I’m pleased to let you know that Jie from Panda Yoga (Vancouver) will be here each Wednesday in April. The fee is $3.00 per session (4 sessions = $12.00 per student). Notices went home today, April 3, 2017. Please let me know if this fee is a hardship for your family. Please ensure your child is wearing appropriate (flexible clothing) on Wednesday’s. If you have a yoga mat, please have your child bring it to school – it is not necessary to go out and buy one.

Yoga helps children to be more aware of the connection between their body, mind and emotions; it teaches them self-regulation skills to deal with negative and strong emotions; it also offers them simple tools to relax. In long term, children will become more resilient. Yoga helps building inner strength and peacefulness.

Each session includes the practice of age appropriate safe asanas, pranayama (techniques of breath), mindfulness practice, guided meditation and visualization, yoga games and lecture. Which focuses on one of the fundamental values in yoga practice, such as: compassion, self care, gratitude, patience, honesty, mindfulness, nonviolence, respect.


Library Makeover

Lynnmour has recently been approved for a grant to help us improve our library. We are working with Natural Pod on design and furniture ideas. Natural Pod ( is  a local company that uses natural wood products and has supplied all of the furniture for our Strong Start and primary classrooms. We are really excited about the possibilities for our library. Our make over will happen in several stages over the next 2-3 years.


Annual Parking reminders for Lynnmour Round-About

Please be reminded that there is NO parking in the round-about. Several parents are parking and then coming into the school. The roundabout is for a quick pick up or drop off only must stay clear at all times for emergency vehicles, deliveries and school district vehicles. Please make arrangements to park on Orwell and wall your children into the school. Thank you.


Kilometer Club for Grade K to 7

Kilometer Club will be starting after Easter! Please come out to join! Everyone from K-7 is welcome – including parents! Running times are Tuesday and Thursday from 8:00 – 8:30 on the field.


Track and Field

Track is open to all Grade 4-7 students and practice information will be made available to students after Easter. Practices and meets are rain or shine. Athletes will compete at the District Handsworth Meet on May 23 from 8:00 to 12:00. This meet determines which athletes carry on to the Swangard Meet held on June 6th in Burnaby. More information to come out next week.


School Fees for 2017-2018 school year

In accordance with Policy 706 School Fees, Elementary School Fees are established each spring and are to be determined in consultation with the staff,  and school community. All fees are set at cost recovery. Lynnmour fees for 2016-2017 will be: Kindergarten School Supplies fee, Gr.1-7 Supply fee (see note below) Emergency Fee, and Agenda books. Outdoor School & Bighouse program are not considered fees and will be announced at a later date.


K – Gr. 7 Supplies Fee

The district suggested fee for the 2017-2018 school year has been established as $40.00. All supplies will be purchased by Lynnmour. Also taken from this fee, will be any supplies needed for specialty projects that the class participates in (as funds permit).


Emergency Fee

A $5.00 emergency fee is collected annually to ensure that adequate supplies of food and water are purchased in the event of an emergency. Other supplies such as tents, search and rescue supplies needed for our emergency bin will also be purchased from this fee.


Outdoor School and Bighouse fees:

Fees for 2016-2017 have not yet been published. The Bighouse program is now part of the grade 3 curriculum, and Outdoor school is now grade 4 and 6.


Looking ahead to September

If you know you will be moving or know of anyone moving into the area, please contact the school district at your earliest convenience to ensure proper procedures have been followed for registrations or transfer requests. Preliminary staffing is based on enrollment predictions for the 2016-2017 school year.


Classroom Placement Requests

At this time, parents are invited to email any requests they have for the placement of their child for next year. Please do not name a specific teacher, but rather friendship groups to place or not place with, and if you would prefer your child to be in the low or high end of the combined class (eg. If you child is in grade 3, there is a possibility of a 2/3 or 3/4 ). I am anticipating all classes except for Kindergarten to be combined grades. There may be a chance of a straight K and K/1


While we appreciate your input, requests cannot be guaranteed.

Requests made after June 1st  will have a lower priority in placement consideration.


Moral Intelligence updates

Inspired by Michele Borba’s book Building Moral Intelligence (

This month’s theme is TOLERANCE –respecting the dignity and rights of all persons, even those whose beliefs and behaviours differ from our own. Mrs. Schafer and Ms. Harrington’s classes are working together this month to lead the activities.


Here are some great websites with lesson plans for teaching tolerance:






Approved School Calendar for 2017-2018

At the Public Board Meeting on March 7,2017, the Board of Education approved the 2017/18 School Calendar.  In accordance with the School Calendar Regulation, the calendars will be submitted to the Minister of Education for approval.  Please see the school district website for the complete calendar (


Each school will post its 2017-2018 Calendar with its School-Based Professional Development days on or before May 31, 2017.


Standing Information Items:


For more information on the BC EdPlan please go to:

For more information on the BC Curriculum please go to:


Lynnmour’s School Handbook and School Plan

A copy of our handbook and school plan is available on our website.

School Calendar

April 7                                   Ready Set Learn Event 1:30-2:30 Lynnmour Gym Please RSVP

April 14-17                           Easter Break School not in session

April 24-25                           Grade 3 at Big House

April 26                                 Collaboration Day 1:40 dismissal

May 5                                    Earthquake drill – Duck/Cover/Hold On only – no release

May 8                                    North Van District Professional Day – No School

May 9                                    Panorama School Photo Day


May 18                                 Kindergarten Orientation for 2017-2018 Ks and Parents 11am

May 19                                 Fun Day (full day)

May 22                                 Victoria Day Holiday – school not in session

May 23                                 Handsworth Qualification Meet 8:00 -12:00 @Handsworth

May 31                                 Parent Appreciation Breakfast 8:00-8:40 Library

June 6                                   Swanguard Track and Field Meet

June 15                                 Year End Awards and Slide Show 1:15

June 27                                 Grade 7 Farewell 1:30

June 28                                 Last day of school 2:40 dismissal

June 29                                 Lynnmour School Pro Day

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