Admin Report Jan 15th

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New Information Items:

New Principal –  Ms.  Lawson

Thank you to parents, students, and staff for warmly welcoming Ms. Lawson to Lynnmour Elementary!

Ms. Lawson has worked at several schools in the North Vancouver School District including Ross Road, Dorothy Lynas, Canyon Heights, and Sherwood Park Elementary. She has supported students as a primary teacher in French Immersion programs and as a Learning Services Teacher for children with special needs and learning disabilities.  Ms. Lawson brings a new staff member with her to Lynnmour –  a one year old PADS puppy named Peony. Peony is quickly making many friends at Lynnmour.  You will find Ms. Lawson and Peony greeting families in the entrance. Please come and say hello!

Salmonids in the Classroom

Salmon eggs are on their way! Ms. Harrington and Ms. Meule will be preparing a tank for students to observe and admire the miraculous life cycle of salmon.  We all look forward to cheering on the salmon eggs as they grow and develop in the front hallway tank.


This year, Lynnmour staff and a coaching group from Capilano University will provide  an opportunity to play intramural volleyball for students in grades 5 – 7 at lunchtime in the gym. Unfortunately, due to low interest and/ or student time conflicts, we will not be participating in organized district tournaments. Many teachers expressed interest in playing and coaching volleyball and they look forward to supporting students develop volleyball skills.

Social Responsibility

Ms. Schafer’s class is collecting batteries to support zinc donations to developing countries.   We appreciate the grade 6/ 7 students’ initiative to model socially responsible behavior for the entire school!

Standing Information Items:

Lynnmour’s School Handbook and Code of Conduct

Be Respectful

Be Safe

Be Positive

Be The Best You Can Be

A copy of the handbook and Code of Conduct is available on our website. A condensed version is located in the front of the student agendas.

Lynnmour School Plan

There are two school goals for Lynnmour Elementary:

  1. To improve the Communication Competency of students in K – 7.
  2. To improve the Personal and Social Emotional Competency in students K – 7.

Lynnmour staff  continues to work tirelessly to improve student success rates in reading and writing,  and, as evidenced by Ms. Schafer’s grade 6/7 class, to increase awareness of socially responsible behaviours and their role in society.

For the complete copy of Lynnmour’s School Plan 2017-2018, please go to our website.

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