June 10 AGM Meeting Minutes

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PAC Meeting Agenda

June 10, 2019

Chair: Roxanna Smallwood

Location: Lynnmour Elementary Library

Time: 6:30pm to 8:00pm

  • Welcome (2 min)
  • Approval of May PAC Meeting Minutes (2 min) approved by Regan
  • Principal’s Report (20 min)
  • Annual Report (10 min)
  • Treasurer’s Report (15 min)
  • add in amount to get GCs for the staff appreciation June 11
  • having wish list early in the year so we can communicate easier, reach out to parents
  • Long term items for the school- outdoor classroom, long jump, gym mats
  • adding line for fitness equipment
  • Year in review (10 min) see roxanna report
    • Welcome Back Dinner
    • Snack Shack
    • FundScrip
    • Christmas Market (review idea of outdoor trailer to house the items)
    • Bottle Drive
    • Cash 4 Clothes
    • Spring Fling
    • Fun Day
    • Windsor Bursary
    • Bus and field trips
    • iPads
    • Performances and Workshop
  • Future PAC events (5 min)  
    • Teacher Appreciation Luncheon June 11th
    • Playdates in the School Park  (Shelley to send before year end, then Danielle send closer to the dates)
      • Saturday, August 10th 10-noon
      • Saturday, August 24th 10-noon
    • Volunteers- list to go out earlier.
    • Welcome back dinner- ADD school open house the same day

  • Discussion and Approval of PAC Calendar for 2019-2020 (10 min)
    • See draft attached
  • Discussion and Approval of PAC Budget for 2019-2020 (10 min)
    • To be circulated prior to meeting
  • Election of Officers (10 min)
    • An election will be held for the following positions:
      • Chairperson (2-year term)
      • Windsor Family of Schools Rep (2-year term)
    • Should one of our current executive members be elected into one of these positions (i.e., if the current Vice Chairperson is elected Chairperson), there will also be an election for the position that they previously held.
    • Nominations will be accepted in advance of the meeting via email to lynnmourPAC@gmail.com or by nomination ballot found at the PAC Box in the school (across from the kindergarten classroom)
    • Roxanna nominated herself for PAC chair.
    • Eva nominated by Clayton for Vice Chair
    • Tara herself for Member at large
    • Lorena nominated for Member at large
  • Q&A
  • next PAC meeting: Monday, September 9th, 2019,  6:30-7:30pm
  • Adjournment