Meeting Minutes February 19th

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PAC Meeting Minutes – February 19th, 2018


Q&A: Trustee Liaison for Lynnmour: Cyndi Gerlach (30 min)

Trustee Liaison is a 4 year position – Cyndi recently became trustee for our area. Another election coming up.

Interested in seeking information for us, as a school community and bringing answers back.

Discussed the idea of seeking a presentation from the district planning office – regarding road and park changes in the Lynnmour Area


Principal’s Report (15 min)

financial report (5 min)

PAC events since last meeting (10 min)

Square Dance

Classes went in pairs and learned basic square dancing in a fun and engaging environment where the leader played a banjo and called dances

Overall feeling was that kids really loved it

PAC Snack Shack (incl. menu going forward)

Rotating “monthly special” for the Snack Shack

Future dates are:

March 8 (Thu)

April 11 (Wed)

May 17 (Thu)

June 13 (Wed)

new items (10 min)

book donation to PAC: “So Sexy So Soon” by Diane Levin and Jean Kilbourne

This book is available for “loan” from the PAC

parent concierge (Mandy)

Primary duties:

Organize class reps

Welcoming for new parents (especially those who arrive mid-year)

Provide orientation for incoming parents (all ages, primarily kindergarten)

Resource for new parents

If this is to be instilled, the parent concierge would want to obtain relevant information from school admin/teachers so they would have information

Kindergarten Orientation in May 2 – 1:15pm

March 1st Staff Meeting Anne will bring this to the teachers

ACTION – by next PAC meeting we will have a response from the school staff on the utility of this position at Lynnmour.

Q&A (5 min)

Upcoming PAC events (20 min)

BCTF presentation

No updates – maybe next year

Spring Fling

Subset of parents will meet with Hecel and iron out the details of who needs to do what for the Spring Fling prep

next PAC meeting: April 9th, 2018

possibly with Elisa Fire & Flower: Girls Rites of Passage (



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