Meeting Minutes – June 11th

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PAC AGM Minutes – June 11th, 2018

(about 1 hour)


Principal’s Report (15 min) See separate post

Thank you to Principal and Vice-Principal for all their assistant – flowers presented

Thank you to outgoing PAC from the school – flowers presented.

financial annual report (15 min)

PAC President’s Report (10 min)PACAnnualReport

proposed changes to PAC Constitution for September –


Enquiries about the PAC roles and duties, enquiries about sub-commitees (Snack Shack, Christmas Market & Spring Fling) All answered by current PAC Execs.

Election of Officers (20 min)


Chair – Tamara Hung

Vice Chair – Roxanna Smallwood

Treasurer – Clayton welwood

Secretary – Danielle Nott

Website (Member at Large) – Dan Rankin

Windsor Family of Schools Rep – Katie Pettit

Member at Large – Zennia Miorin

Member at Large – Sharlene Wark

Member at Large – Eva Manuchova

All were approved and voted in unanimously.