PAC Meeting Minutes October 15, 2018

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  • Welcome
  • Principal’s Report (20 min) — see report 6:45pm : read here
  • Treasurer’s Report (5 min) see report 6:50 pm

Constitution Amendment (5 min) 6:55pm

At our last AGM on June 11th 2018,  members requested to amend the existing constitution and proposed to remove the following line from the constitution:

“No employee or elected official of the school district or the Ministry of Education shall hold an executive position” (page 3 under section VIII)


  • unanymous vote by show of hands.



  • Past PAC events (since last meeting) (5 min)
    • Welcome-back Pizza Night approx 75 families, 200 ppls
    • September Snack Shack ($144 in sales)


  • Current and near-future PAC events (10 min)  
    • Fundscrip – Zennia/ Karen (forms being sent home Nov. 2, orders due Nov 21)

Zennia looking into possible CC # online, forms will be prepared by Karen and handed out. leading up to xmas good time. Consider using the code system so parents can pay online and it gets mailed directly to them. also look at keeping it open so we can order throughout the year.

CC fees to be reviewed and determine if makes sense.

    • Accepting donations for Christmas Market starting Nov. 13

Storage area to be determined, as well as drop off location

    • Snack Shack Oct 17, Nov 21
    • Cash for Clothes (bags sent home Dec 17, pick up Jan 11)

Send note early, PAC email.- add to footer, it’ll  go weekly

(check website for item details)

Xmas market- leftover items for another market will be donated to Lynnmour 

Pancake breakfast- December 1st, 2018


  • P. I. E. – Parents for Inclusive Education ( Mandy Young, 15 min) 7:10pm

mandy spoke with Anne in June, she suggested opening up to a larger group of schools.

consider rotating meetings between schools. Vince is on board, speakers on district level could be brought in as speakers on different topics.

Mandy would need support on the following:

  • requesting PAC promotion via newsletter
  • booking the space required for the meetings
  • promoting what the PIE is about, tips, etc.
  • requesting November start, then meeting 1x month
  • first meeting would just be to gain interest of what people are looking interested in learning about
  • would need suggestions from Anne about who best to approach for support
  • babysitting? would it be offered?
  • Action plan– wait until after meeting in DPAC in October before taking next steps. Consider to start in Jan 2019.
  • Shelly Moore speaking on Wed Oct 17 at district meeting, if anymore wants to go.


  • issue of getting parents to come out? hard enough to get to come to PAC meeting
  • north vancouver district currently moving in direction of promoting inclusion and how to bring into schools.


Christmas cards: info will be sent out soon for parents. Tamara will get info

Bottle Drive- Dec 1st

Volunteers: send out the google form, Zennia will also add to the board

  • next PAC meeting: November 19th
  • Adjournment 7:35pm