PAC Meeting Minutes October 23rd

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PAC Meeting Minutes – October 23, 2017

(about 1 hour)

  • Welcome
  • Principal’s Report (20 min) See separate Admin report
  • Treasurer’s Report (5 min)
  • PAC website / logo proposal (10 min)

Feedback to add an L stone to the graphic, move Xa7elcha beside Lynnmour and remove Lynn Creek.  Very positive feedback and all hugely appreciative to Elena for her work on this!

  • Past PAC events (since last meeting) (5 min)
    • Welcome-back dinner – Very successful location and only cost around $100.  Enjoyed by parents and staff.  Note for next year to ensure teachers are all clearly invited to attend.
    • Cash 4 Clothes – Judith, Alexandra and Kian for your work on this! Next year we will likely hold only 1 collection, after Christmas to maximise the number of bags, reduce the work load and give people chance to donate more items for the Christmas Market.
    • Snack Shack – Made over $100
  • Current and near-future PAC events (15 min)
    • Fundscrip – No orders received yet.  Reminder email to be sent on Thursday 26th
    • Bottle Drive – Scheduled for Dec 2nd – Volunteers needed!
    • next performances: Theatre Sports Nov 24 – Afternoon performance, all welcome to attend
    • babysitter training for grade 6/7 – TBC
    • Christmas Market – Scheduled for December 19th with set up on the 15th (Ok till 10.30pm) and 18th.  Roxanna and Katie  will be present on all days and Karen on 19th.  Judith has kindly volunteered to take charge of the sorting of items.  First task is to obtain categories and layout from Kristine and then obtain boxes.  We will also need someone to run the raffle and someone to do the marketing.
    • Forms are being sent home with students to ask for email addresses so the PAC can reach all parents.
    • BCTF presentation – Social Media will be the topic and dates requested are Jan 22nd or 29th.  TBC
  • Q&A
  • next PAC meeting: November 27th
  • Adjournment

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