PAC Meeting October 7, 2019

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PAC Meeting Agenda 

October 7, 2019

Chair: Roxanna Smallwood

Location: Lynnmour Elementary Staff Room

Time: 6:30pm to 7:30pm

  • Welcome (3 min)
    • Approval of September PAC Meeting Minutes (2 min)
      • Eva, Dan
    • Principal’s Report (20 min) 
      • Review by Cyndi
    • Staff thank you for being involved in Pizza dinner (review logistics of line up and process for next year)
    • thanks for paying for buses for intermediate field trip, it went very well. Students enjoyed the event, museum of anthropology
    • Terry Fox: close to $600 raised. 
    • Grade 4 & 7 completing FSA’s right now
    • Orange Shirt day assembly Sep 30 
    • Pro D Day- staff did own research on residential schools
    • Second Step- started implementing this week. District initiative. 
    • School will be a polling station on Oct 21st
    • Card Project – link issue resolved and working now 
    • Treasurer’s Report (5 min) 
    • Recent PAC events (2 min)
      • Welcome Back Dinner
        • Snack Shack
          • Sept 25 – $165 in sales – sold everything!
      • Future PAC events (2 min)  
        • Bus and field trips
        • PAC will be responsible for mailing cheque
          • Mr. Best Request – approved full request amount for busses, intermediate students gr 4,5,6,7 = 102 students to Museum of Anthropology, total amount of $1.147. Discussion re busses funding for next year. 
          • Kindergarten Pumpkin Patch – approved Oct 22 (w/ Gr.7’s as buddy)
          • Ms. Keys and Ms. McGuire – thinking about a trip, Lesley will get back to PAC on that. 
      • Babysitters Course
        • Amanda organized to offer at Ron Andrews on Oct 25
      • First Aid- consider grade 6-7 first aid course? PAC to consider help contributing for a course. Consider standardize Grade 6 every year. Lesley will look into it. 

      Standing budget item. (approx $1000) 

      • FundScrip
        • led by Zennia 
        • Need volunteers for printing and stapling packages to go out on Nov 1
        • Zennia to look into online ordering options? If not– School offered to do printing for us. Eva ok count out per class. TBD
      • FlipGive
        • Lorena advised about app FlipGive
        • Download app and shop on Amazon and other online retailers
        • PAC gets 5% back
      • Bottle Drive
        • Regan to lead
        • Date changed to Nov 30
        • Time? It will be on our November at a glance – looking for time details
        • Breakfast with Santa set for November 30th. 
      • Christmas Market
        • Kristine Chambers to lead Christmas Market project
        • Date changed to Dec 10
        • Advertising? Using signage?
        • Principal’s letter- for raffle items. 
        • consider signage for xmas market? agreed as PAC parkway signage not worth it. 
        • Ask Lafarge if we could borrow a storage container. Possible Husqvarna storage trailer for use
      • Cash 4 Clothes
        • To coincide with the Christmas Market
        • pick up date TBD
      • Spring Fling
        • April 25 confirmed
        • Sponsorship package together ( we need a lead) 
      • Snack Shack 
        • Menu guidelines – Elana and Cindy to connect on items. 
        • follow healthy food guidelines
        • consider menu to be posted before hand
        • consider line up coordination? 

      • Newsletter Schedule (2 min)
      • change to Sunday night
      • add Fund A Need reminder 2 x in october
      • Letter and Classroom Representatives (10 min)
      • Roxanna providing a list of those who have signed up so far. Send out anohter 
      • Lynnmour “Fund a Need” Cheque Drive (5 min)
      • will send out a direct email 
      • Q&A (5 min)
      • next PAC meeting: Monday, November 18th, 2019,  6:30-7:30pm
      • Adjournment