Principal’s Report April 9th

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PAC Meeting 9 April 2018


Principal’s report / Ms. Lawson

It has been another month of wonderful learning opportunities at Lynnmour. Here are a few highlights.


New Information Items:


Our CR4YR committee ( Changing Results for Young Readers ) including Ms. Harrington, Ms. Schafer, and Ms. Zander worked on our school communication competency goal this month and organized a WHOLE school writing activity the last day before Spring Break. Big buddies worked with their little buddies to create wonderful stories using wooden visuals to start the writing process. See the written work and the wooden story chips displayed in the hallway outside Ms. Harrington’s Kindergarten class.


Student Teachers

We said farewell to our SFU student teachers, Kye Fodor and Bailey Pearson, this month. These two pre-service teachers are everything one could wish for – caring, engaged, creative, and hard working. We hope they return to Lynnmour Elementary in the fall.


Superintendent Visit

Mark Pearmain enjoyed his time at our school, March 15. He went into all the classrooms, chatted with teachers and kids, and even handed out cheese bread to the Grade 3 class. PAC co-chair, Roxanna Smallwood, joined the tour and saw all the exciting things happening in classrooms.


Look–a-Like Day

Such fun. We saw lots of fun look-a-likes including Ms. Lawson and Peony!


Student Led Conferences / Open Houses March 12 –

Parents had the opportunity to view their children’s work in many of the classrooms.

Parents are always welcome to drop in to classrooms at any time to chat with teachers and look at their children’s work.


Centennial Music Festival

Thanks to Mr. Turco and his choir students for participating in this event that took place at the Centennial Theatre with other schools from across the district.


Collaboration Day

Vanessa Barattini from Sherwood Park’s Literacy Centre came to speak about Growth Mind Set.

Teachers learned the power of the word ‘yet’. “I don’t know my multiplication tables YET!” We learned about teaching children persistence and that, sometimes, learning takes patience and time.


Outdoor School

Grade 4 students attended Cheakamus Centre at the beginning of March.

Students were excited to share their experiences with staff upon their return.



All students enjoyed a week of tumbling, jumping, hopping, rolling, and balancing in the gym.


Pink Shirt Day

The primary students had the opportunity to come together in the Library to listen to two grade 7 students talk about the story behind Pink Shirt Day. Our counsellor, Ms. P., read a lovely story to the children, and Ms. Lawson invited students to come and tell what they do to eliminate bullying at school.


Looking Ahead

Moral Intelligence

We begin a school wide focus on fairness. Staff share books, activities, and have planned several cooperative activities for the students this month.


Kindergarten Orientation

We welcome brand new K parents Wednesday, May 2 in the Library at 1:15 – 2:15 p.m.


Kindie Ambassador Days

The fun begins as we invite our ‘Lil Cubs’ to three Kindie Ambassador Days

May 9, May 23, and June 6 from 1:15 – 2:15 p.m. Ms. Harrington, Ms. Carpino, Ms. Rita from Strong Start, and FOS Leader Shannon Sharp, are busy planning events including gardening and other outdoor learning activities and crafts.


Pro D

Staff will be discussing Core Competencies, Literacy Assessments, and Sexual Abuse Prevention, Friday April 13.


Earth Day

Look for a weekly plan of whole school events led by Ms. Carpino and her student teacher, Ms. Lee beginning the week of April 16. We ask that students wear Earth colours ( blue, green ) to celebrate Earth Day for our afternoon assembly, Friday April 20.


School Wide Write

Lynnmour will conduct a school wide write the week of April 23. Teachers evaluate written work to celebrate successes and determine what we need to work on.


Lunch Time Floor Hockey

We have some crazy teams ( Fuzzy Slugs, The Hungry Hippos, and the Floppy Fish to name a few ) ready to hit the gym floor this week. Thanks to Mr. Turco for organizing this lunchtime activity.


Kilometre Club

Look for Ms. Jensen on the back field beginning Monday, March 16.

Come join us for some early morning runs 8:10 – 8:30 a.m. on the back field.


Track and Field

The season is upon us. Ms. Meule is organizing track and field for us and for our Family of Schools this year.


Standing Information Items:


Lynnmour’s School Handbook and Code of Conduct


Be Respectful

Be Safe

Be Positive

Be the Best You Can Be


A copy of the handbook and Code of Conduct is available on our website. A condensed version is located in the front of the student agendas.





Lynnmour School Plan


There are two school goals for Lynnmour Elementary:

To improve the Communication Competency of students in K – 7.

To improve the Personal and Social Emotional Competency in students K – 7.

Lynnmour staff continues to work tirelessly to improve student success rates in reading and writing, and, as evidenced by Ms. Schafer’s grade 6/7 class, to increase awareness of socially responsible behaviours and their role in society.


For the complete copy of Lynnmour’s School Plan 2017-2018, please go to our website.


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